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Round Tables

Round Tables are opportunities for leaders to think and pray strategically about sharpening their personal, family, work, church or community visions. They offer a prayerful prophetic setting in which aspirations and plans can be revisited, revised and renewed so that the vision flies! Jenny works with a prophetic team for worship, teaching & individual appointments.

£110 full board, teaching and individual guidance

Dates in 2017/2018
22–23 Nov, 24–25 Jan, 28 Feb–1 March, 25–26 April, 16–17 May

To Book
Please e-mail Jennifer Campbell


Women at the Well

Women at the Well has run very successfully for twelve years in numerous counties and venues around the UK at the invitation of a team or vicar or minister. It is a ‘happening’, a conference for women who want to be empowered in their vision and work for the kingdom of God. It usually runs between 10a.m. and 4p.m. and includes worship, testimony teaching, prayer ministry and healing prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit. Anyone, of any age, is invited, also those who are not yet Christian and are seeking the Lord.

For more information please e-mail Jennifer Campbell