Light on Prophecy: Retrieving Word and Spirit for Today’s Church
(Paternoster: 2012)

This book is a response to the dearth of the ministry of prophecy in the wider church. It seeks to cast a light on the current malaise by posing four contemporary objections to prophecy: What is to be done about prophetic extremes and excesses? What is the point of prophecy if we already have the Bible? Can we trust prophecy which is not Christ-centred? Is an excitable overemphasis on the Holy Spirit reliable? The work is underpinned by the premise that both persons of Word and Spirit are not only necessary, but a vital ingredient for robust Christian prophecy. Therefore, there is a detailed analysis of the way in which Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit come together as a partnership, working to activate and perpetuate prophecy. Prophecy is at its strongest when the Christ-focus and the Spirit-focus are as one. The book suggests that in order to retrieve the full measure of the ministry of prophecy church traditions should embrace their opposites.

The Way of Prophetic Leadership:
Retrieving Word and Spirit in Vision Today
(Paternoster: 2015)

This is a thought-provoking study of the successes and failures of prophetic leadership in the sixteenth century Quaker and Huguenot revivals. The book seeks to demonstrate that the union of Word and Spirit is the non-negotiable element of profound and lasting visionary leadership. The argument uncovers the importance of prophecy in each of the fivefold ministries, viz. apostle, evangelist, pastor and teacher.

Prophecy for Anyone: Stirring the Waters of Christian Prophecy
(Rehoboth Media: 2017)

This book is intended to stir the waters, to stimulate discussion, and to ramp up the gift of prophecy to provoke positive and life-changing action in churches, market place and communities. It tackles the awkward questions of prophets and leaders, denominational differences, discernment of prophecies and the tools of the trade.