About Jenny Campbell


Jennifer Campbell MPhil

• Speaker
• Retreat Leader
• Researcher & Writer
• Theologian

Jennifer has devoted her life to empowering Christian people – both leaders and individuals – to receive vision and strategy for their lives, work and ministry. Before moving to England in 2000, she lived in South Africa, growing up in the Apartheid era and deeply committed to seeing a change in the political landscape of the nation.

The Holy Spirit, at work in her from a young age, and especially in the Renewal Movement in the Church, gave Jenny sensitivity to the Word of God and what the Spirit might be saying to the Church. Her desire above all else is for greater intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Through the auspices of Eaglesinflight in the UK and Europe, she teaches others how to acquire a deeper friendship with the Lord in order to hear and see the purposes of God more clearly. By means of prophetic conferences, seminars, Women at the Well Workshops, Round Table leadership retreats, and one to one mentoring and coaching, Jenny seeks to teach and equip the Body of Christ in visionary leadership.

Jenny has worked on staff in churches in South Africa and the UK and taught Theology at leading colleges, including Cliff College and Westminster Theological Centre. Currently she is Deputy Programmer Leader on the Spiritual Formation MA at Waverley Abbey College.

Jenny always works with a team and a whole host of people are involved in the setting up of conferences and events.


“Jenny helps leaders of all types – lay and ordained – to explore the deep call of God and to draw near to him to hear his voice more clearly. Jenny’s prophetic ministry is exercised best with groups of leaders, small and large. This ministry, coupled with her wealth of theological insight and teaching, is invaluable to those of us who thirst for more living water and refreshment of the Spirit in our every day lives. I am privileged to be associated with Jenny’s ministry and to work with her in the opportunities we have to strengthen leaders of God’s people.”

Revd. Tim Montgomery
Director of Mission in Wigan
Diocese of Liverpool

“Few prophetic people today both hear the Lord clearly and teach effectively. Jenny exercises both of these. I would highly recommend her for working with anyone in these ways.”

Revd. Mike Breen
Pawley’s Island